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hi, i'm ellen.

I have always been captivated by the process of taking an idea and turning it into something tangible and accessible. There is something magical about creating something out of nothing and bringing an idea to life. I want to bring my ideas to life in every way possible. If it's creative, I want to be a part of it.

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author and poet.

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Writing has always had a grip on me. Poetry especially, is something that is deeply interwoven into my daily life. I almost feel like I cannot move forward from a feeling until I have dissected it and captured it in a poem. Writing poetry is a part of the way I experience the world and process life. It is also the way I preserve my memories and immortalize moments that I could've otherwise forgotten and lost. Most importantly, poetry is a way for me to connect with others and share the human experience. Knowing that my poetry could help someone else feel seen and less alone in their journey is a gift that keeps giving. I have always loved people and their stories; if inviting them into mine helps them process their own stories and find peace and healing, then I am grateful.


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After getting an associate's degree in Mass Communications, I realized that I wanted to pursue a major that would allow me to bring my words to life in more creative ways. I then transferred to Middle Tennessee State University where I earned a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design with a focus of Illustration. 

Going to school for art has opened doors for expressing myself in more than just my words. Because of this experience, I can now design my book covers, format and illustrate the interior pages, and create books that are a creative expression of myself both through writing and in art. 

My second book, If Hearts Had Training Wheels, is the first book I've completely designed, formatted, and illustrated from the cover to the interior pages. By illustrating this book, I have been able to preserve memories I would've otherwise forgotten and bring visuals to words and experiences that are dear to my heart. I am so grateful to be able to use my hands and mind in this way.

visual storyteller.

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I like the phrase visual storyteller  because creating visuals for my words is as important to me as creating the words themselves. I love videography and making cinematic short films of my poems. I love animation and setting my poetry in motion. I love photography and capturing the essence of a moment. I love painting and seeing brush strokes make friends with the paper. I want everything I make to tell a story. I want to breathe life into my words, but I also want my art to have its own life as well. I love creating. I love trying new things. I want my to tell stories in every way I can, while I can.

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