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If Hearts Had Training Wheels

From the poet and author of I Saw You As A Flower, comes another soul-stirring collection of poetry and prose, If Hearts Had Training Wheels. This collection of poetry offers a poignant perspective on regaining balance and finding oneself after abuse, heartache, love, and loss. It also explores the internal conflicts, doubts, and fears that come with transitioning into adulthood—the hardships that ultimately lead to strength, growth, and an unshakable appreciation for life.


With original journal entries, hand-crafted illustrations, and snippets from the author’s life, Ellen Everett delivers a stunningly authentic and intimate experience for the reader.

In this collection, the author relates maneuvering through life’s obstacles to learning how to ride a bike. Ellen Everett places readers on the seat of a bicycle and guides them through a five-part journey, beginning in The Gravel Driveway and ending with The Downhill Coast. Through falls, unexpected turns, and uphill climbs, the reader embarks on this journey of self-discovery with the author, resulting in a powerful transformation of the mind and heart.

I Saw You As A Flower

There is a time for everything— a time to wither, a time to grow, and a time to blossom. I Saw You As A Flower is a poetry collection that encompasses heartbreak, growth, and finding love. These poems are for those who love too deeply, for those who break too easily, and for those who continue to rise— time and time again.


Ellen Everett's words enable readers to confront their deepest sorrows and piece together the parts that are broken. This is a story of heartbreak and love— but more importantly, a story of overcoming, empowerment, and survival.

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