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"A young writer and designer, Ellen Everett’s work is mature and fresh. She weaves her dual talents together to take the reader on a journey that is filled with the wisdom normally reserved for those with more years lived and a poignant direct innocence of a twenty something.


Her poems and drawings revived memories long packed of my own twenty-something times. I highly recommend Ellen’s second volume as a sweet reader at any stage of life."

Louisiana Reviews

When I first heard about this book, I thought it was a book containing beautiful poems. To my surprise, it was beautiful poems telling a story to life. Once I started reading, I could not put it down without finishing it. It is hard to believe this was written by such a young soul as it relates so much to my life as an elderly person.


I think this book is a magnificent heart stirring, spine tingling read for any age or gender. I loved this book, and I am left wanting to read more from this author.

Reading Time

It's always difficult to relate with the experiences behind a lot of poems, but somehow Ellen has managed to make it possible to relate with her words. It really is an emotional rollercoaster of a book by a brilliant author. A must read for everyone!

P.s, grab a box of tissues as you'll need it.

Line Magazine

First off I love the design of this book. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, as well as the illustrations inside. Ellen’s writing helped me open up to my own emotions through her stories and thoughts.


This is the perfect book to read alone in bed with a cup of tea and a candle. It is the type of book that you can read over again and get something entirely different out of her words each time. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.

James Belle | Author

Ellen’s poetry is so amazing. I read this cover to cover the moment I received it, but I am going to go back through and mark it up as soon as I am in place of peace in my bus, but I started and couldn’t put it down.


The words bring up so many memories, good and bad, it’s so emotional. I will add a video to this when appropriate. You are an amazing artist in all your mediums!

The Boston Independent
Review of books

This book opened my eyes to new lights in my life, lights I had kept darkened because I was too scared of what they might hold. I would recommend to anyone, I am at a loss of words. This book is truly wonderful and so inspirational! I will most likely order a second copy, and if you are on the fence about ordering this book, ORDER IT!


Also, some people have trouble reading poetry or books in general, not with this book. It is so easy to read and understand you will not want to put it down. I absolutely love this book!

Authors for Authors

I ordered this book because I knew the author. I ordered TWO books because her words left such a resounding impact on my heart that I felt the need to share. Ellen has a POWERFUL mindset when it comes to love, loss, and learning to love yourself.


Thank you, Ellen Everett, for opening up your petals and allowing the world to see the beautiful colors of your very soul. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

James Belle | Author

I absolutely love this book! I loved it so much that both of my teenage daughters read it and loved it as well. No poetry collection has kept me turning pages like this one. Not only was I able to follow the authors growth from heartbreak to love but her words triggered an empowering empathy within myself.


I was able to relate and I feel no matter what anyone as a reader has been through, they will be able to relate in some way to these poems. The story flows well and isn't choppy making it an easy read which I really appreciate in a poetry collection! Lastly...I LOVE the artwork on the cover! So eye-catching!! Thank you Ellen for inviting us into your life by reading this book. Well done!

The Boston Independent
Review of books

Most times you read a poem and think of the writer and their experiences/life. This collection in many ways is the same as that belief but also different. A dual purpose!

Ellen gives the testimony that is her heart but also resonates with the reader and meets them where they are. We all battle but few of us share it with the world.

It’s hard to put this poem collection down when you start reading. I urge readers to dive in deep and get a tissue box.

Bravo Ellen!

Authors for Authors

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